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LECTURE 1: DEVELOPMENT I AND II Nature vs. Nurture: - A developmental psychologist may look at the Four Loko Effect by looking at whether there is a predisposition to drinking alcohol - Alcoholism runs through families so some people may have an increased chance of becoming an alcoholic - In University of California, a longitudinal study is occurring in which they are tracking alcoholism across families - First question: when the child of an alcoholic consumes alcohol for the first time, what is their reaction?  One group of people will have a very high effect – less likely to become an alcoholic  Other group will have low effect – can naturally tolerate it and is more likely to become an alcoholic - First-born children are usually like a third parent, are usually more invested in by parents, etc. - In developmental psychology, experimenter bias can occur as the experimenter’s face is visible - Do babies like looking at a simple representation of a face or do they only prefer a real face?  The experimenters took the exact same image and flipped it upside down so it no longer looks like a face  They waited for the baby to be delivered, sometimes had to wait over hours and saw baby before his own grandparents  Results show that within minutes of being born, babies like looking at face-like stimuli  Why are babies born with an innate desire to look at face-like stimuli? - Sex & Gender:  Case of the baby whose sex was not revealed  Why is it important for parents to know the sex of their baby?  It affects how they interact with the baby  There are very different behaviors associated when a baby is dressed in pink and when a baby is dressed in blue  When a baby is in pink, they are much more gentle, they sing to the baby, they tell the baby they’re pretty  When a baby is in blue, there’s more rough interactions, wrestling, telling
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