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Christopher Teeter

Psych Live Lecture #1 Evaluating Claims a) Infertile couples are more likely to conceive after they adopt. b) Nurses observe more babies are born after a full moon. 1. Propose a mechanism for it. a) Less stress is more likely to conceive due to hormonal changes b) Could notice the full moon more than any other 2. What are some implications of this if the claim is valid? a) - Anyone having any difficulties should adopt - Makes it seem like anyone can have a child - Unwanted adoptions b) - Could attempt to induce labor - Attempt to sync with this or conceive to have a due date then 3. What sort of evidence currently supports the claim? a) No evidence to support claim b) No evidence to support claim Humans are susceptible to erroneous beliefs False statements - Humans only use 10% of their brain - Opposites tend to attract in romantic relationships - Water flows down the drain in opposite directions in northern & southern hemispheres True statements - Africa is actually more than 5x larger than Greenland (It’s 14x the size) Due to 2D maps we don’t believe it but the maps are stretched near the poles A Brief History of Cello Scrotum - If you expose yourself to playing guitar heat and vibrations will cause this - 1974 Cello Scrotum proposed by Murphy - 1991 Cello Scrotum questioned by Shapiro – Says wait this is wrong - 1997 Cello Scrotum Bartoletti – Says no it’s true - 2009 Cello Scrotum Murphy – Says no we made it up - Interactions between science, media and public can lead to e
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