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Joe Kim

LiveLecture-Psychopathology whatismentaldisorder? -skull with hole in it, and its thought that the guy survived -if someone was acting in a odd way, he was possessed with demons, so someone would dig a hole into the skull, allowing the evil spirit to come out --> sometimes the person would be much better Whatisabnormalbehavior? -something out of the ordinary -involuntary -judgements we use to figure out what behavior is abnormal or normal DSM: the gold standard for mental disorders -type of criteria someone uses to determine whether or not we diagnose someone with a mental ability is found in the book -all of group--> researchers, psychologists, and put their opinions together and re-agree on it when writing the new edition -sometimes a disorder is not found in a new edition of the book --> controversial Casestudies 1. huntington’s -involuntary movements especially of head -involuntary mouth and tongue movements -she knows their involuntary, so she does it in a voluntary way so its socially acceptable -people thought they were dancing--> called it the case of st. vitus’ dance -people noticed the person was experiencing odd beliefs, lose their cognitive abilities, dramatic increase in the loss of cognitive function -late 1800s, researcher huntington, said its more than someone being possessed by a evil spirit and it was a medical condition -until 1990s, positive genetic evidence was found--> huntington’s disease--> odd nucleic acid base repeat--> from this you can tell they will get it---> genetic marker -should be a disease found in DSM--> follows four d’s--> has a genetic conditions--> cognitive decline -whereas some people find that its rather a collection of odd symptoms 2. Synaesthesia -where music causes you to see, and color is in shapes, and saying words can cause a bad taste in the mouth -seeing music, tasting color -calendar is 3 dimensional -letters and colors: a in red, b in blue, x in brown, o in white -natural association with letters and colors, even with little kids they do the same -black letters on a white screen, people with this will see various colors associated with the letters -very rare condition, 1 in 50000 -many types of it -some have association with sounds and flavors--> sounds amanda, and tastes green bananas in her mouth -molly--> tastes green leafy vegetables -when it was first described, there was doubt whether or not it was an actual disorder -involuntary and automatic -very consistent, a is always yellow for cathy -rich visual, highly memorable--> more material for recall--> very good memories -laden with affect--> emotional--> some painter when she hears some sounds she sees a band of colors--> so she listens to music and then she paints -spatial extended--> actual visual feature in the environ. for these people -more connections between neurons located at the front of the brain in adult brains -all infants are born with this disorder, then connections get lost, those people whose connections remain will experience these extra sensory motor -ex: a specific letter stimulus triggers letter sensitive neurons and causes perception of letter, sometimes there is a cross activation of color-sensitive neurons leading to some perception of color with that specific letter -some say it should be a disorder cause its automatic and involuntary, a
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