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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Developmental Psychology.docx

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McMaster University
Christopher Teeter

Developmental Psychology - Methods for studying babies: - Preference method – show image/pattern in front of experimenter’s face so babies look at the sign and not the experimenter - What do infants k now about faces? - Infants as young as 3mths prefer to look at faces than anything else - Prefer to look to look at attractive faces – can somehow tell (faces that we would rate as attractive, babies also prefer) - Is this preference for faces innate?: o McMaster researchers did this study a few minutes after birth o Maybe they are interested because faces are complex – can’t really tell it is a face at birth because vision is not that good – would just see shaded areas o Tested with 2 cards – one was face-like (triangle of dots) and one was not (inverted triangle) o Babies preferred looking at the face-like side – proved it was an innate preference o Some scientists think it is for other reasons (maybe movement of face is interesting or maybe it is just the eyes, etc.) Lecture Part 2: Sex and Gender - Some scientists wondered what effect the colour of the clothing has on parents - Babies dressed in pink were treated more gentle and babies dressed in blue were treated more rough (1970s) – even though have were girls and half were boys - A couple had a baby and didn’t tell anyone the gender - You have a biological sex (male and female) and a social role (masculine and feminine) - A couple had twins – born with a defect in their penis and surgery went well with one and not – a psychologist told them that environment is everything and to just rais
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