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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 neuroscience I

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McMaster University
Joe Kim

LECTURE 3: NEUROSCIENCE I January 28 - The Matrix Problem:  Maybe the world is not actually as we see it  Experiencing a virtual world and the machines are taking over.  ARE YOU LIVING IN A COMPUTER SIMULATION by Nick Bolsom - The Matrix: 1. The brain constructs your world • Brain- made of neurons and metabolically functioning organ. • Heuristics and Prior Knowledge: basic math question about and ball but so many people got it wrong. Why? • Our prior knowledge shapes how we look at the problem • Example of teacher who used top-down processing (all of our prior knowledge acts as a filter to how we interpret stimuli) and made judgment about mother • Young child example about the drawing; • Auditory information coming in; info constantly coming in and we top-down process the words ad things we hear. • Even though it is just a drawing, we assume it represents a checkerboard, which has alternating shades of dark and gray. Because of this assumption, we think that A and B are two different colors although they are not. This is an example of the brain constructing our world. 2. We use a process called Hebbian learning which provides a mechanism for neural coding • There is an actual physical connection between neurons that fire together • In classical conditioning, the neurons for CS and US become physically connected. • Phantom limb syndrome: although someone has lost their hands (physical stimulus is no longer present), they still experience their left hand moving. The left hand is physically no longer present but the neurons are still intact. o Person experiences all the sensations of their hand moving but there is no hand to move and they felt pain in extreme cases. o Person in case study felt like his left hand was clenched and he couldn’t open it o Patients told to clench bo
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