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Christopher Teeter

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Psychology Live Lecture January 20, 2014 Evolution and Human Behaviour: Sex Differences in Romance and Risk-Taking Heritable variants lead to differential reproductive success – there are things you cant see, attention, memory, psychological constructs that can be inherited. If you're able to hold memory, and remember things easier, you have a better success in reproducing Reproductive Fitness – how many offsprings do you have. Your goal is to have as many offsprings as possible because that means there are more of your genes in the gene pool overall What strategies do you take to ensure this? – outcome variance perspective – the idea of whatever outcome, there is going to be variability. – Most will have a variability outcome thats similar to the low variance – risks are involved when taking high variance route KeyAssumptions inputs – decision rules – output 1. Behaviour = psychological mechanism + input 2. Evolved psychological mechanisms are coded in the brain 3. Evolved psychological mechanism can be described as information processing devices Sex Differences in Romance 1. Who's the Parents of the Baby – You can look at a newborns face and notice family resemblances ( ex. Who is the baby? Which of these parents does the baby look more like) – the newborns face looks equally like the mom and dad's face – if you ask the mother and her family, they will usually say that they look more like the father, this is because there absolute certainty that the baby is hers. The same certainty does not exist with the father. This uncertainty may lead the father to decide that they will not invest an interest or resources into the child. 2. Thought Experiment : Looking for Love... • what are things that you would look for in a potential mate • you find that the characteristics that females list are resource potential ; income, height, deep voices. When males are answered, you get more certain answers toward beauty, and these tend to be geared toward fertility and beauty. 3. Romance in the Friend Zone? – asked opposite sex friendships if they've been friend-zoned – the most interesting questions were : are you attracted to your friend, is your friend attracted to you, would you date them – when it came to males, would say they were attracted to their friend, and they said that their female friend was attracted to them, and then they would say yes they would date them – when women were asked these same questions, they tend to say they aren't attracted to their friend and vice versa and have no interest in dating their friend. – Both groups misattributed their attraction for they must feel the same things DifferentAdaptive Problems – metabolic demands of reproduction, for men sperm can be made at the ready. For women it's costly because you only have a certain amount of eggs a month – parental investment on the woman's effort , and theres effort after birth by having to breastfeed – genetic cuckoldry – you want to invest your resources on your own genetics. This is when you are raising someone else's child. Cuckoldry refers to cuckoo birds abandoning their babies and other birds raising them. – This is diffuclt to study because of birth control Reproduction in a natural fertility population (in
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