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Live lecture Feb 6 2014

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McMaster University
Joe Kim

Lecture Connections and Disconnections Brain taking info and making sense of everything around you. Connections are very critical for allowing complex behaviour to occur. The brain: does everything for us – all sensory information – processed by the brain and get perecption of whats going on. Perception vs. sensory. Top down processing – make sense of what’s going on. Narrative: idea being built that’s making sense. • How we process information. • advertised studied for effects on athletics-psychological information effect ability as an athelete. Put elbow into ice water – 30-40s baseline, expose participants on how psychology can effect being athlete, two different types of human hearts – type 1 – low life expenctency, type 2 – high life expectency. Behavioural test to indicate type of test – cold tolerance after going through exericise-arm back into ice water (before, half – long period in ice=good heart, other half- can’t tolerate cold long = good heart). Different score – depend on what they told them. Depends on what you were told – holding long – good heart = hold longer=behavioural measure.After they asked if they did this deliberatley-25% said they didn’t-either lying or unaware of what they are doing, said they changed the water, 60% believe that they have the good heart. Messed around, 20% thought they had a good heart. Sense of understanding of what’s going on – now think you have a good heart. • Decieve ourselves. Brain – making narrative – metabolic costly – emotion, attention, consciousness – outwiegh the cost to keep the brain going. Case studied and the connected brain • Phineas Gage – railroad worker, iron rod went through brain, before – outgoing and friendly, after – mean, idea of what the sections of the brain are doing. • Sleep Paralysis: The Hindbrain – Pons (getting visual area- movement, transition between sleep and awake)Wake up and can’t move, or talk – frozen (sec – min), enter into sleep, pons shut body down – rematonium – don’t act out dreams. Some people – coming out of the sleep – stays
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