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Lecture 5

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Christopher Teeter

Neuroscience 2 – Lecture Connections & Disconnections -a running narrative in your brain occurs for info processing -can create narrative for self-deception to make sense of sit’n / make self feel better -Study for psychological effects on athletics (ability to be an athlete) -first task: put forearm into ice water and hold for as long as you can -exposed participants to stories about how 2 diff types of human hearts: type 1 is bad (low life expectancy, troubles) and type 2 is good -lied by saying that there’s a simple behavioural test to indicate if you are type 1 or type 2: cold tolerance (in ice water) after exercise –half of people are told that your cold tolerance is low for type 1, other half are told opposite -cold tolerance changes depending on what you are told -they were asked if they kept hand in ice for longer on purpose, 20/39 people said they did, and some thought experimenter made ice water warmer; so some ppl really thought they have better heart Costs of brain must have benefits – emotion, memory, mind are all benefits -case study conditions about how the brain should work –damage to brain, ex. Phineas Gage – must be careful from drawing large conclusions from small population -Sleep paralysis –7.6% of pop experiences paralysis when wake up (can last up to 15 minutes) -entering REM sleep, pons shut body down from moving (REM atonia) so that you don’t act out your dreams –some wake up before REM atonia ends (signal from pons to shut body down stays/delays) -hallucinations w/ wake up; visual info are projected to real life –brain takes info, get idea of demon or intruder holding you down -narcolepsy; pons turn on at wrong time and fall asleep -sleep walking is when pons
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