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Lecture 3

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Christopher Teeter

Evolution and Human Behaviour: Sex Difference in Romance and Risk-Taking • How have variants lead to differential reproductive success? • Variants can be psychological characteristics too (ex. attention span/memory) not just physical • Outcome variance can drive solutions to problems • Inputsdecision rulesoutput (behaviour) • Behaviour = psychological mechanism (ex. memory) + input • Evolved psychological mechanisms are coded in the brain • Evolved psychological mechanisms can be described as info processing devices • Genes and family resemblance – which parents does the baby look more like • Often equal resemblance between mother and father • Family members of mother and mother usually say baby looks like the father • This behaviour is a way of enforcing that the baby is the father’s and he is more likely to invest in the baby’s life and stick around • Thought experiment: looking for love • Generally females list characteristics related to resources • Men list characteristics related to beauty • Romance in the friend zone? – can men and women just be friends • 88 undergrads in a study – paired in friendships and then asked questions and ensured confidentiality • Are you attracted to your friend? – most men said yes/most women said no • Is your female friend attracted to you? - most men said yes/most women said no • Would you date your friend? – most men would say yes/most women said no • Different adaptive problems: • Metabolic demands of reproduction – costly for women (1 egg/mth) but not for men (many sperm) • Parental investment – large investment for females carrying the child and looking after the baby but men could technically leave with no investment • Genetic cuckoldry – don’t want to invest your genetic investment into other’s material but want others to invest in yo
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