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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Colour Perception.docx

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McMaster University
Christopher Teeter

• We have 3 cone types (trichromats) • Some bird species have 4 cone types – have an extra UV component and they can see differently • Do men and women see differently? – men group colours into the basic 8 colours but women make up names for each shade and call them different colours • Gene that code for cone types are on the X chromosome – more room for variance in women because they have 2 X chromosomes – may lead to women being tetra chromatic and being able to differentiate colours that men/someone with 2/3 cone types can’t Colour and Fitness • Maybe a mating advantage • Foraging Hypothesis – can see red berries in green trees if you are trichromatic/if you are dichromatic – you can only see green – more difficult to see the berries o Trichromats can find food sources that dichromats cannot o Researchers tested this within marcromats (monkeys) – a species that is trichromats and one that id dichromats  They like the Kix cereal – dyed some of it green and distributed them through the cages/put all the cereal on a tray in front of them with the green ones more camoflagued  When they hid them in their habitat, the trichromats found more orange but same # of green – can see more from farther away  When tray was right in front of them, there was no difference o Hunters wear orange vests – human wont shoot them because they can see the orange/animals are mostly dichromats and cannot see the orange • Facial Hue Hypothesis – cues that signal they are more healthy o Trichromacy may have ev
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