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Lecture 2

Live Lecture 2 Evolution I and II

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Joe Kim

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LECTURE 2: EVOLUTION January 21 - Outcome variance causes different solutions to arise from the same problems  In a low variance condition, everyone has the same affect from the same problem  In a high variance condition, affects are highly variable  Key assumptions:  Behavior = psychological mechanism + input  Evolved psychological mechanism coded in brain  Evolved psychological mechanisms can be described as information processing devices  People are really good at matching babies with their parents  Newborn infants usually look more like the father than the mother  When people are shown a newborn infant, more compliments are generally given about how the baby looks like the father although there is no real difference - 2: Thought Experiment: Looking for Love  Men seem to value physical traits the most  For women, quality of the person, potential resources that the partner might have access to, etc. are important in looking for mates - 3: Romance in the Friend Zone  Men were more likely to report that they were attracted to their so-called friend Men Women Are you attracted to your Yes No friend? Is your friend attracted to Yes No YOU? Would you date a friend? Yes No  What are the costs of a potential romantic relationship?  Men and women have different pathways for metabolic demands of reproduction as men just have to produce sperm while women have to go through pregnancy  Males do not have to invest much; they can simply leave after fertilization  Genetic cuckoldry: a female is giving bir
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