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Lecture 6

Live Lecture 6 Colour Perception

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Joe Kim

LECTURE 6: COLOUR PERCEPTION February 25, 2013 - Visual system is not like a camera - Human is bias to assume world is experienced the same as they perceive - Vision is simply perceiving light/energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation - After several weeks of someone seeing the world through inverted glasses, person will actually adapt – shows the plasticity of the brain o What if someone was always wearing infrared glasses? Would they be able to see infrared light? - Why is colour information important? o Frog that is colored with an orange back is using a different way to keep predators away – it is showing its predator that it is toxic - Adaptive Significance: Foraging Hypothesis o There was an experiment conducted to see whether marmosets that were trichromatic had any adaptive advantage over those that were dichromatic  The experiment involved putting orange cereal KIX throughout the grass field and seeing whether trichromatic species were able to pick it out more effectively than dichromatic species  Results demonstrated that there was an advantage
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