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Lecture 7

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Joe Kim

LECTURE 7: FORM PERCEPTION March 4 2013 - We naturally tend to group similar things together - Preference for faces is innate: there was an experiment in which two stimuli were presented: one had the same shape and features of a face and one was the same thing upside down. Babies preferred the one that resembled a face. - Own race effect: difficulty recognizing people from other races - Judging Face Attractiveness: o Judging attractiveness might give you insight into the health of an individual: if you can afford to have a very attractive face you are likely to be fit/healthy – this is the adaptive significance of judging attractiveness - What Makes Faces Important? o Faces can reveal a lot about emotions o 90% of liars show fear and disgust (30% of truth tellers do this) o These are involuntary emotional responses that people make o Liar or Truth-teller? (activity in class) - Two strategies for face processing: o Featural strategy: when you’re looking at a face, you look at all the different features independently and then we put these together and identify it as a face o Configural strategy: we actually process the whole face at once. - The Composite Face Effect: o Two faces – can you tell if they are from the same
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