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Lecture 10

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LECTURE 10: PSYCHOPATHOLOGY I March 25 2013 - Cultural norms dictate what we find to be normal - ‘Social contracts are involved in all human affairs, including our collective perceptions of our own minds. Psychopathologies, from hysteria to depression, are not discovered, but ‘made’. They are decided upon.’ - They are a byproduct of our social norms, they are not discovered as that would mean they were always there. - It depends on the context - DSM is written by a series of psychiatrists and things come in and out of fashion – some things that were previously called a mental disorder can be removed and not make it to the new edition - Synesthesia: one sense gets jumbled with another – music can elicit colors  1/5000 people see different colors on the letters while we just see black letters on a white screen  It is involuntary and automatic – therefore it is a legitimate condition  They have a better than average memory – they see things in colour which helps recall later  Their feelings are consistent (i.e. same letters with same colours)  Emotional experience affects life (i.e. girl who tastes ripe green vegetable when she hears the name Amanda cannot be friends withAmanda)  Neural development: There is synaptic pruning early in neural development. It is thought that at a very young age, infants experience synesthesia. The theory states that adults who continue to exhibit synesthesia are those whose connections were not pruned anyway. - Huntington’s Disease:  Motor disruption, jerks and movements. They try to make it look voluntary so that they can fit in socially.  There can also be delusions, dementia  The strange case of St. Vitus’Dance:  People used to think they were possessed and would kill them  Repeat of a nucleotid
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