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Richard B Day

PSYCH 2AA3 – CHILD DEVELOPMENT Course Syllabus Summer 2013 Instructor: Oriane [email protected] Office Hours: by appointment Psychology 304 Teaching Assistant: Jenn Walsh [email protected] Lectures: Tues & Thurs 1:30 – 4:20pm Room: MDCL 1102 Learning Objectives: The objective of this course is to provide you with a foundation in developmental psychology. We will cover a wide range of perspectives and discuss the various influences on child development, from conception through adolescence. At the end of this course you should have a greater understanding of children, their behaviour, their understanding of the world, and how they learn. Prerequisite: 1X03 *If you are taking this course by special permission pre-requisite override, it is your responsibility to keep up with material. Intro Psychology textbooks are available in the library. Required Reading: Assigned readings to accompany each lecture are listed below. All chapters listed refer to Discovering the Lifespan by Feldman & Landry, 1st Canadian Ed. * A custom edition containing Chapters 1-6 is available for this class. If you intend to take “3AG3 – Aging” you should purchase the full text as Chapters 7-10 will be covered in that class. Assessment - Your final grade will be made up of the following: Two mid-term tests 30% each 1 hr in class. (not cumulative) Format – 60 multiple-choice questions. Final exam 40% 2 hr in class (cumulative) Format – 120 multiple choice questions Students requiring accommodations should register as soon as possible with Student Accessibility Services. Both mid-terms will be followed by lecture. Students with time accommodations should request early start times. Illness / missed class – Attendance at all lectures is emphatically recommended. If you miss a lecture, it is your responsibility to get notes from a classmate (lecture slides will be posted, however videos shown in class will not be posted). Students should make themselves aware of the policies surrounding the McMaster Student Absence Form, and contact the Instructor as soon as possible in the event of a missed test / exam. You will be offered re-weighting of the final exam for a missed mid-term test. If you miss the final exam we will discuss your options. In this course we will be using AvenueToLearn. Students should be aware that, when they access the electronic components of this course, private information such as first and last names, user names for the McMaster e-mail accounts, and program affiliation may become apparent to all other students in th
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