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Jennifer Ostovich

Lecture 2 Research methods Data collection  Case studies o Piaget based his first study on his own children by watching their development o Freud is famous for case studies: studies one person very intently o In depth look at a very small number of people o Give us a starting point which should be continued with more subjects o Give you tons of info about your one subject o Disadvantage: its only based on one person o Research on groups of people is better o Involve some bias  John Money thought that biological sex was not important and the only thing that mattered was the way you were raised  Child was born a male but there was an accident and he was raised as a girl; Money watched over the child  Child reaches puberty and starts to realize that something isn’t right and that he is actually a boy  Observational research o Observing children leads to many interesting ideas o Not getting involved just watching what children are doing  Correlational research o Looking at whether one variable goes with another variable or other variables o Survey study  Reading ability is not good in young children  Structured interview at a level that is appropriate for children  Parent, teacher, and peer reports o The problem of retrospective reports: problem of trying to look into people’s childhoods is that their memory gets vague, not the best choice  Caveat: causation o Can’t make a causal statement o Correlation does not imply causation  Experimental research o
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