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Lecture 13

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McMaster University
Jennifer Ostovich

We have a long progression of object permanence development, in Piaget’s view. CRITIQUES  Underestimation o Piaget o Argument that he is wrong about that because imitation is good far sooner than Piaget thought; even deferred imitation and object permanence is good far sooner than he though  Imitation o Piaget thought they didn’t’ do it well till 12-18 months o Meltzoff & Moore (1977)  Expt: Had a model sit across the baby (12-21 days) and the model either did tongue protrusion, mouth opening or lip purse. The baby was watched by an observer who didn’t know what the model did  Results: ~40% of the time the baby did the tongue protrusion when the model did it (they did a mouth opening ~10% of the time). BUT when the model did a mouth opening the baby was only 8% as likely to imitate them (and did a tongue protrusion ~2%) GRAPH  There were replication issues at this age to 9 months  Deferred imitation o 6 month olds can delay a simple imitation for about 1-2 days => people say that Piaget would have been asking the baby too much (they don’t have very good motor development at that age) o Collie & Hayne (1999)  Memory o Piaget doesn’t believe you can form a memory until age 6 (substages 1-5) (he didn’t think they could use schemes at that age; he believed that until you can work things out in your head, you aren’t thinking the way adult thinks and so you aren’t making memories) => you can’t have a lasting memory at that time o Rovee – Collier mobile experiment (mid 90s)  Tested memory  Expt: 3-month-old babies came into lab twice; first time there was a mobile above the crib. 50% of them had a string tied to their leg and knew that when they moved their leg the mobile moved. After 3-5 minutes, the babies with the string tied t
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