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Lecture 7

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McMaster University
Jeff Landry

PSYCH 2AA3- May 30, 2013 Temperament - Baby version of personality - Things such as emotional and physical regulation - Largely physiological - Chess and Thomas- describing infants on a 3 dimension scale- difficult, easy or slow to warm up o Observed in a normal environment and determined whether they were regular, reactive, etc o Subjective categorization o Difficult- difficulty in changing routine or difficult in getting into routine o Easy- ex. Easy when leaving parent to go to day care o Slow to warm up- takes longer to change routine or get into routine, but eventually the child adjusts - Temperament is thought to persist- is just becomes more complex - Buss and Plomin o Activity level- how active the child is o Sociability- making new friends, talking to others - Jerome Kagan o Behavioural inhibition aka shyness o Child does not interact with others, even if he/she wants to - Rothbart o 5 key dimensions, more added with age as we become more complex o Incremental changes on each of these scales make children unique - Psychoanalytic o Freud vs. Erikson- both agreed that personality was a result of unconscious vs conscious drives, but Freud focused on libido and aggressive drives, Erikson focused on cognitive drives and the strive for adult identity o Freud thought personality was completely developed by adulthood, Erikson believed it continues to develop o If you resolve a conflict, you move forward to a next o Everyone ends up on a different path depending on how they resolve conflicts o
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