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Lecture 6

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Jeff Landry

PSYCH 2AA3- May 28, 2013 Language Video - By 24 weeks, the inner ear develops and the fetus can hear sounds - Crying is initially the best form of communication- it always illicits a response - Crying is involuntary - Infant set up to sucking apparatus- baby is only familiar with English o When she hears English the sucking increases o When she hears another language, sucking decreases o Baby humans begin to hear human language before birth o Infant less than a day old- sucking apparatus- 2 different types of words 1)words that don’t mean anything on their own (in, it, to) 2) content words- level of sucking increases dramatically with these words - facial expression is also very important- especially eye gaze - 4 part experiment - experiment- parent speaks to her child with a smiling face and child seems happy, eventually the parent stops communicating and child is no longer happy - upside down face- child sees her mother on a screen communicating with her and chid is happy, when image is turned upside down, communication stops because child can not recognize child - happy/sad face- experimenter has happy face and communicates with child and child is happy, then experimenter has sad face and sad voice and baby is unhappy, then experimenter mixes facial expression with opposite voice and baby is confused (loses interest) - eye gaze- mother speaking but not keeping eye contact with child, child is not happy - Ba/da experiment- “da sound”is only found in hindi o Child begins to associate each sound with a specific toy o Child notices difference in the two “da” sounds, even though most adults would not o At 6 months a child is still a universal listener- able to distinguish between sounds - Mandarin exposure- child exposed to games and stories in Mandarin, and is paying attention o 9 and a half month child has completed all sessions o He is able to discriminate between the two languages - Babies respond better to comfort language- stretched vowels, short phrases, high pitch - Ch
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