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Lecture 4

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McMaster University
Jeff Landry

PSYCH 2AA3- Lecture 4, May 16, 2013 Cognitive Development Piaget - Piaget’s stage theory of development- based on experimentation of his children, modifying environment to see changes in their responses - Came up with concept of scheme - Schemes allow us to generalize knowledge - 2 basic processes in modifying and expanding schemes: o Assimilation: adding stuff to old scheme, paying more attention to things that fit into old schemes o Accommodation: changing schemes due to new information, to accommodate o Equilibrium: assimilation and accommodation in balance - Ages for stages are very “loose”- a lot of variability, however ORDER of stages is not variable - Piaget acknowledged the elements of brain maturation- ex. Some children may have disabilities that cause them to move through stages slower - Piaget acknowledged environmental factors- ex. Teachers play a large role (social transmission), or the child’s ability to act on the world (experience) - Primary circular reaction- simple action the child initiates to do something enjoyable- ex. Reach out to grab something to put in mouth - Coordination of secondary schemes- ex. Pulling a blanket with a toy on it to obtain the toy - 18-24 months- representational thought- ex. Pretend play- symbolic representation (different from abstract) - Infants understand that when an object goes out of view it comes back into view unchanged o Familiarization: Purple line show
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