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Lecture 8

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PSYCH 2AA3- June 4, 2013 Attachment - Ethology- fitness enhancing behaviours - Konrad Lorenz- imprinting- water fowl bird species- newly hatched chicks imprint on their mother so that they follow her o Mechanism- following the first thing you see that is moving (usually mother in nature but can be manipulated) - Harry Harlow- Reeses monkeys- social animals o Wire vs. Cloth mother experiment- biological needs (like food) vs. Social needs (like comfort)- it was predicted that the infant monkey would always choose the mother with food source, however it was found that the infant monkeys always preferred the cloth mother and only went to the wire mother to be fed o then monkeys only raised with either wire or cloth mother- the ones raised with the wire mother had socio-emotional as well as physical (like digestive) problems o social isolation experiment- monkeys could either smell/hear or not smell/hear other monkeys – all of these monkeys had many problems - John Bowlby o Studied attachment from evolution perspective o Studied orphaned children (after WW2)- children were depressed and disturbed, and cognitively impaired o Attachment theory – function of attachment - Mary Ainsworth o Experimental design to test attachment o Affectional bond – unique relationship o Attachment behaviours- eye contact, smiling, etc. o Synchrony- child smiles and parent smiles back, high pitched baby talk and baby enjoys it, mutual interactions- require consistent practise - Bowlby- 3 phases o Phase 1) no real attachment, innate behaviours that elicit a response from others (like crying), not directed to anyone specific o Phase 2) infant recognizes people who he/she has regular contact with o Phase 3) infant us
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