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Lecture 9

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McMaster University
Jeff Landry

PSYCH 2AA3 – June 6, 2013 Aggression Origins of Aggression - Innate dominance instincts make children aggression- they must learn to control it - Others argue that children learn it by imitating others - Age-crime curve has remained constant, but it only looks at those arrested, it doesn’t look at the aggression within children - Studies found that humans are most likely to resort to physical aggression at the age of 2 - By 4, physical aggression tends to decrease – at this age children begin to use indirect aggression - Evolutionarily, we are aggressive- it helped us survive, increased our fitness - We control aggressive drive in the same way we control sexual drive - Those who are continuously aggressive and do not learn to control it end up isolated in adults, same for monkey studies - Seratonin- key neurotransmitter in emotion regulation, low serotonin associated with aggressive behaviours - Play fighting- chimps have a “play” face indicating having fun o The animal who is rougher displays dominants o Play fighting may actually help children learn limits and therefore how to control aggression - Murderers have poor functioning in the prefrontal cortex compared to normal people - Nicotine- interferes with development of prenatal brain, this impairs the control developed - Bandura Bobo doll- if role model was same gender as child, then the aggression of
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