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Jeff Landry

Chapter 7Cognitive Processes and Academic SkillsOrigins of MemoryRoveeColliers experiments ribbon from a mobile attached to the leg show that three important features of memory exist as early as 2 and 3 months of ageoAn event from the past is rememberedoOver time he event can no longer be recalledoA cue can serve to dredge up a forgotten memoryBrain Development and MemoryThe brain structures primarily responsible for the initial storage of information including the hippocampusamygdala seem to develop very earlyby 6 months of ageStructure responsible for retrieving these stored memories the frontal cortex develops much laterinto the second yearThus development of memory during the first two years reflects growth in these 2 different brain regionsStrategies for RememberingMemory strategies are techniques or activities that improve rememberingoPreschool children look at or touch objects that theyve been told to rememberoLooking and touching arent very effective but they tell us that preschoolers understand that they should be doing something to try to rememberDuring elementary school years children begin to use more powerful strategies o7 and 8 year olds use rehearsal a strategy of repeating information that must beremembered reciting a new phone number repeatedly to memorize itAs children get older they learn other memory strategies like organization structuring material to be remembered so that related information is placed togetherAnother strategy is elaboration embellishing information to be remembered to make it more memorable this may be verbalvisualChunking is another strategy it is the process of organizing related items into one meaningful group
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