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Lecture 6

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Jeff Landry

Chapter 11Social Cognition Origins of SelfRecognitionAt about 15 months infants begin to recognize themselves in the mirrorone of the first signs of selfrecognitionThey aksi begin to prefer to look at pictures of themselves to refer to themselves by name and with personal pronouns and sometimes to know their age and genderBy 2 years of age most children have the rudiments of selfawarenessThe Evolving SelfConcept2 general changes are evident from the preschooler years to adolescenceoSelfconcept becomes richer as children growadolescents simply know much more about themselves than preschoolersoType ofknowledge that children have of themselves changesPreschoolers understanding is linked to the concrete the real and the here and nowAdolescents understanding in contrast is more abstract and more psychological and sees the self as evolving over timeConcrete operational children focus on the real and tangible extends to their thoughts about themselves just as formal operational adolescents focus on the abstract and hypothetical thoughts about themselvesPreschoolersSchoolAged ChildrenAdolescentsPossessionsEmotionsAttitudesPhysical characteristicsSocial groupsPersonality traitsPreferencesComparisons with peersBeliefs vary with the settingSkillsFuture orientedChapter 121123Moral Development
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