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Richard B Day

November 5 , 2012 Psych 2AP3: Abnormal Psychology – Major Disorders Anxiety “An Umbrella” Contributing Factors - modest background - loving and supporting network - polish: culture clash, bullied The stresses - harassed terribly on a daily basis - bullied over: what I said, liked, did, wore, ate - I had no friends – kids ran away from me during recess High School Years - developed severe test anxiety: had to write test in a separate room because she felt like she was disturbing their peace and they would be angry at her - where most problems peaked - social anxieties/social phobias peaked - panic disorder – associated with specific situations and still persists - depression – from failed relationships/extremely self-conscious about body image, depression is a result of anxiety  stopped eating for a time – was very thin, and exercised 5-6 times a week for 2 hours at a time  cried daily University life - in summary, amazing - getting involved, meeting people, more confortable in her own skin McMaster and all its opportunities - still having maladaptive ways of thinking Psychology 2AP3: abnormal psychology - after covering the anxiety/depression section - much of what Dr. Day was talking about she could relate to Finally seeking help & my diagnosis - October 2011  Serious week-long paranoia…broke-down and went to McMaster Wellness Center in MUSC  Blood tests  Regular visits with counsellors/professionals/doctors - November 2011  Begin medication treatments - started CBT Diagnosed with - generalized anxiety disorder: extremely overwhelmed from the smallest thing - depression: self-loathing, stop existing so people could feel remorseful - panic disorder: associated with social situations, if there is a quiet setting, freeze up, tense, cut breathing, need to leave - social phobias: certain situations that make you very n
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