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Richard B Day

November 23 , 2012 Psych 2AP3: Abnormal Psychology – Major Disorders Schizophrenia (1) Schizophrenia & other psychotic disorders - schizophrenia:  paranoid type  disorganized type  catatonic type  undifferentiated type  residual type - schizophreniform disorder - schizoaffective disorder - delusional disorder - brief psychotic disorder - shared psychotic disorder Symptoms of Schizophrenia - disorders in form or content of thought: disorders not only in the sorts of things individuals think about  form of thought: unusual ways of expression  loosening of associations: thought in one sentence is related to the next and the previous. In schizophrenia, the association between successive thoughts are very loose. No warning or indication of how the two thoughts are related  poverty of speech content: individuals often say relatively little, fairly quiet, not very talkative, may not speak for hours at a time, speak in short crisp sentences  vagueness, abstraction in speech: talking about abstract ideas  neologisms, clanging, perseveration: speaking in rhymes, playing with the sound of speech (clanging), neologisms is the coining of new terms, perseveration is repeating words or ideas over and over again  content of thought: implausible delusion, beliefs that have no foundation in reality and outside the acceptable range of belief, alien and unusual, beyond the realm of possibility, certain kinds of delusions that are more common  of persecution, reference: reference, belief that anything out there is a message directed to you, talking to and about you, refers to anything about you  thought manipulation o thought insertion: the thoughts we have are placed there by some outside agency o thought withdrawal: outside agents are stealing thoughts o thought broadcast: everybody can hear what you’re thinking, occurs in elderly after anaesthesia  external control: outside agents are controlling actions and behaviours - delusions of grandeur: believing one is the reincarnation of Mohamed or Jesus, belief of being US president - disorders of perception – hallucinations: perception you see, feel, hear, taste or smell but there is nothing in the outside world which corresponds to that something  auditory: most commonly reported in schizophrenia  voices outside the head  criticizing or commenting on behaviour  repeating individual’s thoughts  commanding individual to act: hardly ever lead
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