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Richard B Day

October 29 , 2012 Psych 2AP3: Abnormal Psychology – Major Disorders Somatoform Disorders (1) Somatoform Disorders - no medical evidence - subjective report of physical symptoms or concern about physical symptoms, but no objective medical reason for these symptoms - some symptoms can be extremely dramatic - fairly low prevalence in community samples - modern psychiatry began with these disorders, ex. Sigmund Freud - with the exception of dissociative disorders, this is the only group of disorder for which there is no underlying cause, purely psychological - illustrate the fallacy of the mind body distinction Somatoform Disorders in DSM-IV - hypochondriasis - somatization disorder - undifferentiated somatoform disorder - body dysmorphic disorder - pain disorder - conversion disorder - somatoform disorder not otherwise specified (NOS) - under the DSM-V: complex somatic symptom disorder with subcategorization Hypochondriasis - dear of having a serious physical disease, based on physical signs or sensations despite medical reassurance: repeatedly reassured by physicians that you are okay but you still believe that you aren’t, misinterpretation of normal bodily signs - population prevalence unknown - clinical prevalence estimated at 4-9%: especially in medical clinics - equally common in men and women - usually chronic; symptoms come and go: fears and concerns may come and go - does not think fears are irrational, think they are perfectly sensible - very specific kinds of symptoms that the individual is paying attention to - consistent symptoms - not easily reassured Etiology: Psychodynamic - no underlying diathesis - internal psychological dilemma being reflected in physical symptoms - anger at being unloved or abandoned: underlying issue is anger, angry at someone who has not given them sufficient love - lib
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