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Richard B Day

Guest Speaker #3 – Schizoaffective Disorder (Stacey) - Born in Hamilton - Started elementary school, transferred in grade 3 -> bullying o Small class, didn’t know what to do, refused parent’s help - Age 10, heard first voice in her head (told her to kill brother with scissors) - Age 14, severely depressed and anxious (too Paxil – worked for 2 years) - Age 16, admitted to hospital for crohn’s disease (inflammatory bowel) o Discharged, came in 2 nd in her grade - Went to conference in B.C., realized she was troubled and left feeling alone - Age 17, slept all day on her birthday o Called Kids Help Phone and recommended to go to hospital o St. Joe’s, Mac Care in adult psych ward o Diagnosed with MDD, GAD, OCD and started Paxil again and clonazepam o Went back to school, overwhelmed with thought of university o Went back to psych ward during Christmas, diagnosed with anorexia o Wrote suicide notes, went to psychologist o Went back to ward for 3 months, diagnosed with BPD (treated poorly by psych system) o Discharged, was kicked out of her parent’s house -> aunt’s house -> group home downtown th - June 28 , 2005 – saw psychologist and bought a bottle of pills (tried to overdose) o Called Kids Help Phone and was told to call ambulance o Was put on charcoal and something else to counteract drugs o Doctors told her she wasn’t going to make it - Two days later, constant watch by security guards in hospital o Ran away to downtown and to St. Joe’s but was banned from psych ward o Went back to group home and starts to feel detached from reality o Got kicked out of group home and slept in a tree for the night o Went back to parents’ house to pick up sleeping bag, hammer and nails o Believed she was possessed by the devil since her suicide attempt and thought she had to sacrifice herself
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