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Richard B Day

Guest Speaker #4 – Schizophrenia (Brian) - 48 years old, can be fatal (1 in every 100 will get schizophrenia, 1 in 10 will commit suicide) - Adopted when a few weeks old, no contact with birth parents - Immigrated to Canada, born in England - Asked too many questions - Almost held back in grade 1 because didn’t socialize well with other children - Was picked on in elementary school - Seemed “detached” from reality - Late bloomer - Couldn’t concentrate, was a social outcast, cried during tests - Laughing was way of venting feelings and thoughts - Become really religious -> made things worse - Fear and paranoia during teenage years (bullied by friends) - Went to Yukon to take cadet leadership course for 2 weeks when 16 - Took grade 13 - 2 restaurant jobs after trip to England but was fired from both - Treated unfairly where he went - Tried to join regular armed forces - Went to see doctor, saw psychiatric nurse and was admitted as a patient - Diagnosed may 1985 - Cheap labour for psychiatric patients - Moved to group home in summer 1985, met a close friend (known for 20-35 years) - Unconfident, scared, paranoid, stressed out, anxiety, out of place - Mohawk College - Started smoking at 21 out of boredom and supposed stimulus -> 10 years (21-31) - Quit in april 1997, never went back - Still suffers from stress and anguish of people and places (grocery stores, etc.) - Moved p
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