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Richard B Day

Abnormal Psych Lectures ______________________________________________▯ ▯ Criticisms of DSM-5▯ - not helpful in determining which conditions should be considered mental disorders or not, who is sick or not▯ - an excessive proportion of people have come to rely on antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti anxiety agents, sleeping pills and pain meds - 1 out of every 5 U.S adults uses at lease one drug for psychiatric problems▯ - we still don’t have laboratory tests to determine the presence of a mental disorder▯ - continues weaknesses of earlier editions, not working toward scientific classification▯ ❖ shares all the shortcomings of previous versions▯ - psychiatric knowledge not advanced enough for revision to DSM-IV▯ - categorizes dimensional states or conditions▯ - creates new mental disorders to benefit psychiatry and drug industry▯ - lowers threshold for several diagnoses, medicalizing normal reactions▯ - why did DSM-4 need revising▯ ❖ sales of the DSM are the biggest income for the APA▯ ❖ criticized that they did it simply to boost sales▯ - broadened criteria allow normality to be given a diagnostic label▯ ❖ removal of bereavement exclusion from major depression - DSM-4 said if the depression is the reaction to loss of a loved one, it should not be given the label of major depression. DSM-5 removes that restriction. You could be given the label of depression when grieving▯ ❖ Addition of “disruptive mood dysregulation disorder” f
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