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Judith Shedden

Psych 2B03: Theories of Personality Chapter 19: Conclusion – Looking Back and Looking Ahead The Different Approaches - Each basic approach to personality focuses on a limited number of key concerns and pretty much ignores everything else - Which one is right:  To say which one is right, the different approaches to personality psychology would have to give different answers to the same question  They pose different questions  A better criterion for evaluating a psychological approach is: does it offer a way to seek an answer to a question you feel is worthwhile - The order of approaches:  The approaches branch off from , react to, and interact with each other in a way that suggests an order in which to present them - No single approach accounts for everything:  Any approach that tried to account for all of the key concerns of the current five basic approaches would almost inevitably be unwieldy, confusing, incoherent, and incomplete  The existence of alternative viewpoints can keep us open-minded toward phenomena that any one view may fail to include - Choosing a basic approach:  It is important to learn each of the basic approaches to personality independently of each other so that you can get a sense of the full scope and flavour of each  Probably the most profitable and easiest course to choose a single paradigm to work within  What do you want to understand, which approach is the most interesting and which basic approach offers you the best potential to do interesting work that can add to our knowledge - Maintaining an awareness of alternative approaches:  Avoid arrogance and to keep from thinking that you know it all  Understand the proper basis for evaluating alternative approaches  Have a way of dealing with those psychological phenomena you will run across from time to time that do not fit your favourite approach  Give yourself the chance to change your mind later  At some point, it might make sense to integrate some of the different paradigms of personality psychology What Have We Learned - Cross-situational consistency and aggregation  People remain who they are regardless of the situation  Consistency is limited in two ways:  Behaviour changes from one situation to
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