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Judith Shedden

October 22 , 2012 Psych 2B03: Theories of Personality Abraham Maslow (4) Maslow’s Self-Actualized Individual - perceives reality fully, accurately - accepts self and others - identifies with humanity - spontaneous and natural - freshness of appreciation - detached, needs privacy - few deep relationships: very rich relationships but is relatively small - independent of environment: very little influenced by the things going on around them, cultural norms, morals are self chosen, resists following the dictates of their society, inner guide, believing in your judgment - resists enculturation - periodic peak experiences: intense brief heightened senses of b-cognition, less in individuals focused towards science - accepts democratic values: see the value in each individual, also recognize and support each individuals right to self determination for themselves - strong sense of personal ethics: personal morality, they have chosen these values for themselves, tend to be very moral people even if they don’t agree with the culture around them - well-developed sense of humour: non-destructive, self deprecating humour - is creative: thinking of new ways to do things, without exception self- actualized individuals exhibit this characteristics in their every day lives, generating of newness - problem-rather than self-oriented: not focused on their own needs, tend to be outer directed, focus towards projects that will help others Barriers to Self-Actualization - only a very small fraction of us ever get to the point of self-actual
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