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Judith Shedden

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October 29 , 2012 Psych 2B03: Theories of Personality Cognitive Social Learning Theory (1) Introspection - present person with stimulus, and to look inside themselves and analyse that sensation into its constituent pieces - when individuals where asked to do this they came up with very different reports - reports matched theories of professor - proved to be highly unreliable History of Behaviourism - John B. Watson: radical behaviourism: abandon introspection and anything that has to do with trying to understand the mind, have to scientifically rely on the observation of verifiable behaviour - Radical behaviourism: not be studying thoughts and sensations, but the inner workings of the mind do not exist, mind does not really exist, extreme position - Learning in behaviour: learned associations, classical and instrumental conditioning - E. L. Thorndike: instrumental learning: association with behaviour and reward - Split in behaviourism - General learning theory: clark hull, Kenneth spence, mathematical model - B. f. skinner: radical behaviourism returns, reward and punishment, schedules of reinforcement, no theories, positive reinforcement schedules - Growing discontent with behaviourist approach - Behaviourist approach to memory: strengthening of association, don’t recall in order of association which is not what the behaviourist would expect History of Cognitivism - alan turing: digital compu
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