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Judith Shedden

October 31 , 2012 Psych 2B03: Theories of Personality Cognitive Social Learning Theory (2) Reciprocal Determinism - which is more important in determining our behaviour in given situation: us, our personality or is it the situation itself which requires certain behaviours from us - both of these things are true, we can not separate the circumstances on the person in terms of their impact on behaviour - choose a particular behaviour to engage in, that behaviour changes the situation in some way, re-evaluate and change behaviour - behaviour is reciprocally determined by an interaction between our behaviour and the situation in which it occurs - we shape the circumstances that shape us Social Learning Person Variables - what does the evaluation selection process involve - social learning variables are not traits, they are processes going on in the present - social learning processes, shaped by watching others, receiving feedback, learned and acquired - shaped by our previous behaviour - definitely not traits - determine which stimuli are perceived and acted upon: selective processing of information - active cognitive processes, operating in the present - generated by social learning experiences - we learn by watching others and getting social feedback - 5 sets: not completely distinct and independent, they are interrelated  competency & self-efficacy: our beliefs about what we are capable of doing, what are our skills, talents that can be brought to bare on any set of circumstances, make
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