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Judith Shedden

September 19 , 2012 Psych 2B03: Theories of Personality Freud and Psychoanalysis (3) Development of Personality - there isn’t just one period of intense sexual development - the first begins at birth until the age of 6 or 7 - the second begins at puberty and last until the rest of your life - psychosexual stages - primary source of primary sexual and aggressive gratification are parts of our own body - self-stimulation from parts of our own body in early life and discovers these parts - each stage one erogenous zone is the source of sexual gratification - child has something to learn about the way impulses must be managed The Oral Stage: Birth to One Year - dates are approximate and very in each individual depending on experience and growth rates - mouth is the first erogenous zone that the child discovers because besides from breathing, food, oral sexual pleasures - mother’s breast or bottle - early oral stage (0-7): sucking, swallowing since they do not have any teeth - oral incorporative sub-stage: taking in things through the mouth, sucking and swallowing - late oral stage (7-12): biting chewing, aggressive in nature, teeth, oral aggressive sub-stage, oral sadistic sub-stage - demand feeding: whenever the child is hungry there is satisfaction - demand feeding will eventually end, parents decide to feed child on schedule - child must learn you can’t always get what you want - impulses are not always going to be satisfied when you want them to and you have to accept that The Anal Stage: One to Three Years - discovery of a new erogenous zone - early anal stage: pleasure from delivering feces – anal expulsive sub-stage - late anal stage: pleasure from withholding feces, toilet training, you must manage your impulses, pressure stimulation – anal retentive sub-stage - there are appropriate times and places for the satisfaction of urges - speech is important towards the development of ego The Phallic
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