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Judith Shedden

October 1 , 2012 Psych 2B03: Theories of Personality Jung and Analytic Psychology (1) Phobias - displacement and reaction formation - limited objects to which we have phobias Criticism for Psychoanalysis - empirical scientific criticism: kind of data he collected  freud sample of individuals was not representative of the population at large, primarily young Jewish females  freud’s sample was of psychological patients  we can’t go back and check his data  validated his theory by using his theory, we don’t know if the method is valid  does psychoanalysis actually work for people  not good at predicting what an individual will do, better at explaining post-behaviour  difficult to generate testable hypotheses  constructs of Freud’s theory are difficult to measure - philosophical criticism  Freud’s emphasis on sexuality and aggression, there must be more to our motivations  Emphasis on the unconscious  Pessimistic about human nature Jung and Analytic Psychology - grew up in heavily religious family - parents did not get along very well - Jung had a troubled relationship with his mother, very ambiguous, fearful - Retreat into fantasies - Studied under Boyler - Jung developed methodology: word association test - Argued that libido was not purely sexual - Interested in spirituality - All human beings share a common piece of the unconscious, common stories - Robertson davies Jung’s Psych – active - libido is a more general life force, not just about sex and aggression, it’s about everything that enhances our lives -
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