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October 10 , 2012 Psych 2B03: Theories of Personality Jung and Analytic Psychology (4) Jung’s Four Functions - two basic attitudes we can take towards the world at large  paying attention to external world: extroversion  oriented towards processes of internal mind: introversion - in conscious ego we tend to have a preference for one of this ego, dominated by one of these two attitudes - opposite attitude dominates unconscious ego: complementarity of balance - four functions which we can use to operate on the data from the external world or internal world  judging & evaluating the content: rational functions  non-rational: don’t involve judging or evaluation  rational:  thinking  feeling: judging or evaluating the emotional tone  non-rational  sensing: detecting the presence of something, sensing  intuiting: non evaluative feeling or sense of what is right, correct, appropriate, gut reaction - ideally we would use all four of these functions relatively equally - we have preferences, consciously dominated by one particular function, opposite function of the same kind dominates the unconscious - may be a helper function, auxiliary function Primary and Auxiliary Functions - conscious: rational thinking, helper function is non-rational intuiting - unconscious: feeling rational Jung’s Eight Types - eight possible personalities due to two attitudes and four functions - myer’s brigs personality test - extrovert thinking: objective, cold, lives according to fixed rules. Positive and dogmatic in thinking. Feeling is repressed. Rule governed, orderly, structured - extrovert feeling: emotional, respectful of authority and tradition. Sociable,
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