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Richard B Day

1 Jan 06/14 Psych 2B03, Personality, Dr. Day, C02 Lecture 1 • We are all interested in personality, one reason being because we are fascinated by other people and we try to understand the behaviour and the actions of others in terms of an implicit model of personality • We have some idea about this thing we call personality • We want to understand people and ourselves better and we do that typically with a constructive personality • When we describe other people, when we describe our selves we are typically describing what we would call ‘personality’ • If we are psychologists we are interested for other reasons, for example if we are experimental or developmental psychologist we are interested because we think personality shapes emotion, behaviour, thoughts so if we want to understand why people think and behave the way they do we have to we have to understand something about this thing we call ‘personality’ • If we are clinical psychologists, then we are interested because most approaches to helping people with problems involves working with something about their personality • Most of the therapeutic regimes in the psychiatry and clinical psychology are based on models of personality and different models lead to different ways of understanding how to help people • So weather we are a clinical psychologist or not we are always interested in ‘personality’ • Sometimes there is a very fine line between research and clinical psychology but it doesn’t matter they will all be interested in understanding personality • One model we will be adopting is a TheoriesApproach – essentially what we’ll be doing is going through a number of well known personality theories and theorists and talking about how they see personality • Second approach which we will not be adopting is TopicApproach- so they would take a topic and look at how 5 or more theories or theorists look at aggression for example. • Theories approach is much more coherent Major Issues in Personality 2 • How much of personality is built into us and how much is based on our e
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