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Lecture 6

2B03 Lecture 6

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Richard B Day

1 Jan 16/14 Psych 2B03, Personality, Dr. Day, C02 Lecture 6 Last Lecture’s Review • The Oedipus Complex begins when the Id makes the first non-narcissistic move, but investing libido into an object, usually a mother, but always the most pleasurable individual in the child’s life • The Ego then using the Secondary Process invests that same libido in trying to make plans to spend time with mom and so • The investment of the libido into mom is not about sex as we adults understand it, it’s about possession, it’s about the child having mom’s attention and time all the time • So we have an investment of the sexual libido in the mom The Oedipus Complex (boys) continued; • This isn’t all the boy’s sexual libido, a lot of it left in the Oral Stage andAnal Stage and the Phallic Stage, but the remaining is invested in the mom • He child realizes it’s not so easy to have mom’s attention all the time, there are other’s demanding the mom’s attention. One main Rival is the Dad, but not always, it could be anyone • And the child ones that person out of the ways • So he invests aggressive libido in the thoughts and plans to get rid of the rival • Then he develops the notion that the rival won’t just disappear and that it can castrate the child by removing his penis • Now the central dilemma of the Oedipus Complex has been established – the boy wants all the mom’s attention, but he also realizes that he can’t have her without the retaliation of the rival in some terrible way • The Resolution can take many different forms. • The one resolution that is commonly mentioned by the media, is that first the child withdraws all the libido that he had invested in mom and takes it back in Ego where it originated, leaving some there. The amount the child withdraws depends on how much of a threat the main rival is and also how pleasurable the mother has been. The more threatening the dad in this case, the more libido the child withdraws from the mom. The 2 Jan 16/14 Psych 2B03, Personality, Dr. Day, C02 child then also decathects most of the aggressive libido that he has invested in dad, and again the amount depends on how threatening dad is. The more aggressive he is the more aggressive libido will be taken back. • So we have a child that still loves mom and still has some negativity towards dad, which will show up in some sort of competition/defiance of dad’s authority etc. • But that’s not enough, the child feels like he has not still done enough to protect himself against the castration threat from the dad, so what he does is Identifies with dad • The identification process – is the he takes into himself the characteristics of the dad, takes on his believes, habits and so on. He will make part of him ‘dad’like. • There are 2 reasons why the child identifies with the dad: 1) The Primary Reason is Defensive – If I’m like someone, that person is less likely to attack. This can be seen today for ex. Stockholm syndrome. One of the classic cases was the case of Patty Hurst, the granddaughter of a multi millionaire family. She was kidnapped and held for ransom. She was kept captive for number of weeks. Suddenly the SOAthe group that kidnapped her, decided to start robbing banks and the very first person there holding the gun and participating in the bank robbery is Patty Hurts. Everyone was confused why she would do that, the answer is Defensive Identification. She was terrified that she will be harmed, to protect herself she identifies with them. So Stockholm Syndrome – is identification with the aggressor. 2) The second reason is that mom spend a lot of time with dad, so the child thinks if I’m dad like then she will spend more time with me. Secondly the child thinks he can get vicarious pleasure. I can feel good about the pleasures that dad takes from mom because in some sense I am like dad. That’s like us getting happy when our favourite team wins for example, we don’t win but we get pleasure because we Identify with that team. • The Identification leads to the formation of the Superego. • It is this taking in, the introjections as Freud said, of the characteristics of the dad, that leads to the formation of the superego. • The child also partly identifies with mom too, why? • Because that’s a way of having mom, because if he can’t have her, he can be like her instead by incorporating some of her characteristics and then love that part of himself that is mom like. That’s another way of having mom, making mom part of who we are and get pleasure from that. 3 Jan 16/14 Psych 2B03, Personality, Dr. Day, C02 • For boys mostly, the superego is the reflection and characteristics of dad but it is to some extent the reflection of mom as well • There is a famous movie that plays on this process to make his point – it’s called Psycho. • The character of Norman Bates, who runs a motel with his mom, and at several points people are murdered by someone who appears to be his mother.At the end of the movie we get the whole point. He lived with his mother, and at some point she died, he may have killed her but no one knows. So he then took on the characteristics of the mother. He wants to be so much like her that he took on 99% of her characteristics. He behaved, dressed and even acted like her. This included murdering any females that showed interest in Norman. He is his mother, and it only makes sense to us if you believe this as a possible mechanism. • We still have issue here, which is we have taken all the libido from mom and dad, but now it can’t just sit there, we have t
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