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Lecture 7

2B03 Lecture 7

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Richard B Day

Jan 20/14 Dr. Day, 2B03, Personality, C02 1 Lecture 7 • The Oedipus Complex is really important in development • It shapes adult Sexuality • It marks the child’s graduation to the outside world • The girl has penis envy • It is the penis itself that libido is cathected to, not the dad himself • There is a feminism approach to psychoanalysis, which sees the Oedipus Complex for girls differently • They say it’s not the penis as an organ, rather it is the penis as a symbol, of power and status that the girl cathects libido to it. The girl doesn’t want to possess the penis, but she wants to have the same power and rights and treatment like males do, because they are penis carriers • When the Oedipus Complex is resolved, we leave the childhood phase of heightened sexual and aggressive activity • As part of the resolution, aside from developing the superego through identification, we then get a lot of repression, because those pleasures of wanting the mom or dad are dangerous • Now the child invests in the outside world Latency Stage • Lasts from 7yrs to about 12 • There is little or no overt sexual activity • The aggressive and sexual energies end up being expanded investment into Ego for example, the child learns things, a lot of activity invested in other new activities such as school etc • Puberty brings the emergence of sexuality once again in overt forms Genital Stage • From age of 12 to rest of our life Jan 20/14 Dr. Day, 2B03, Personality, C02 2 • Involves integration of adult form based on summation on all of these investments, they emerge integrated and organized in what we would callAdult Sexuality in variety of forms Personality and Fixation • Sometimes when one moves from one stage to another, they leave more than usual amount of libido behind, still cathected or invested in that stage -> Fixation • That fixation shapes the nature of our personality and shapes our adult sexuality Oral Stage Fixation • There are two sub-stages that one could be fixated in this stage • The first 8 months – The Oral Incorporative Stages - The child gets most pleasure from incorporating things in their mouth, sucking etc. • When we decathects, we leave a lot behind, because it was at this first stage that we were using all of our libido • Freud said it was because of this stage that we later refer to our loved ones as honey, sweetie, or the apple of my eyes, reference to food. We use these oral terms to refer to strong libidal attachment, because so much of our sexual pleasure even in adulthood remains oral. • If fixated at this stage, we can’t get enough overt oral pleasure typically, that is there is not enough opportunity for kissing, licking etc to fully satisfy, so a lot of that libido gets expressed in symbolic ways. • The essence of Oral Incorporative Pleasures is taking things in to the body.Any form of activity that is pleasurable and involves taking in, whatever it is can be referred to as oral pleasure. Ex. reading (taking info from the book), listening to music, even science because it’s a form of voyeurism • What we see in the orally fixated individual is a very strong oral component to his/her sexuality; symbolic expression orally toward loved ones • Not only are there direct and symbolic expression of oral sexuality but there is shaping of our entire character • They are very trusting and gullible. Refer to gullible person as a sucker which includes oral incorporation Jan 20/14 Dr. Day, 2B03, Personality, C02
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