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Lecture 11

2B03 Lecture 11

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McMaster University
Richard B Day

1 Jan 29/14 Dr. Day, Personality, 2B03, C02 Lecture 11 Jung and Analytic Psychology • He identifies the things that libido powers as archetypes, which he said resides in the collective unconscious, resembles Freud’s Id, because its universally shared and is human nature • They are built in ways of perceiving the world around us • Second layer in the unconscious – Personal Unconscious – does not contain anything at birth, unique for every human being, it contains things that we never experienced consciously, information that we are not thinking about right now and also information that was in consciousness, but we didn’t feel comfortable and we have pushed it back down where it’s relatively inaccessible, similar to Freud’s repression • Complex = collection of thoughts, images etc that are related to archetypal idea and each of these complexes contains at its core bit of energy that it stole from the archetype • That energy powers the activities that are related to that complex.All of that is powered by the energy that found its way up from the collective unconscious to the personal unconscious. • Conscious Ego is the same as Freud’s Conscious Ego – the part of the mind that is aware of the world around us and develops over the course of years as we have more experiences. Different but slightly similar to Freud’s ego • Jun said we project out archetypes • For Freud Projection – is a defense mechanism, it’s a way of dealing with the unacceptable impulse but projecting the impulse on someone else out there • For Jung Projection – interpreting the world in terms of archetypal categories, seeing people as having archetypal characteristics. It’s similar in a way that it involves imposing something from the inside on the outside, but in the case of Jung it’s using our built in categories to interpret the world around us • Different people may have complexes with same name, but have different contents. • These are referred to as VitalArchetypes – tend to lead to formation of complex in every person. Ex. Persona 2 Jan 29/14 Dr. Day, Personality, 2B03, C02 Archetype – tendency to want to be liked/accepted by others, to want to go along with others, social instinct Complex – things about us that we believe will be accepted by others, the face or mask that we present to the outside world When we project the persona as something that hides or disguises of who we truly are, anything that sign
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