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Lecture 12

2B03 Lecture 12

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McMaster University
Richard B Day

1 Jan 30/14 Dr. Day, Personality, 2B03, C02 Lecture 12 Jung and Analytic Psychology • Personal unconscious contains a set of collections what Jung called complexes. Collections of thoughts, emotions, experiences which have koalas around a bubble of archetypal energy, which powers the behaviours that are involved in these complexes. • The name of the complexes are the same as theArchetypes The Self Archetype: instinct for integration, desire for unity, wholeness, perfection. Complex: self actualization, perfection in human personality, total integration of all of our complexes Ex. baking a cake, the cake is all of the ingredients, but it’s none of those things, it’s integration of all the ingredients. • Jung said there are 2 processes that are opposite, but complimentar which lead to the development of self 1) Individuation – Consciously identifying and becoming aware of each of our complexes. Understanding the nature ofAnimus, Persona and Shadow (transformation, the otherness and dark side of who we might be). To recognizes the many complexes in our personal consciousness 2) The Transcendent Function – opposite, but complimentary of Individuation. It’s like baking the cake. Putting the pieces together in a way that leaves then unrecognizable, not long separate, integrated into un
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