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Lecture 14

2B03 Lecture 14

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1 Feb 05/14 Personality, 2B03, Dr. Dray, C02 Lecture 14 Abraham Maslow • Humanist Humanistic Theories • Distinctive approach • Focus on self development and personal achievement • Focus on meaning of life for individual • Desire to help person achieve understanding, wholeness, meaning • Everyone is born good • When people do bad things is because of the experiences that they have had during development • Focus on individual’s unique perception of the world • Take idiographic approach to understanding personality • Begin with the perspective that each individual lives in a slightly different world • Avoid reductionism (start with a phenomenon and reduce it to its lowest level of specificity by asking questions), humanists say we have to look at a person as a whole, the whole person is better than individual parts Humanistic Principles 1. “The primary study of psychology should be the experiences person” 2. “Choice, creativity, and self-realization ... are the concerns of the humanistic psychologist” 3. “Only personally and socially significant problems should be studies” (relevant and practical things we should study, not just for sake of knowledge” 4. “The major concern of psychology is the dignity and enhancement of people” “Instinctoid” Motivation • Maslow agreed human motives are built in 2 Feb 05/14 Personality, 2B03, Dr. Dray, C02 • Maslow said they are not really instincts, but rather ‘instinctoid” – like instincts • He said human instinctoid is not dominating, uncontrollable • Human insti
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