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Lecture 15

2B03 Lecture 15

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Richard B Day

1 Feb 06/14 Personality, 2B03, Dr. Day, C02 Lecture 15 Abraham Maslow • Maslow’s view of motivation begin with notion De-motive (Deficiency) Hierarchy • They are biological motives • There are two other type of needs that don’t fit into the hierarchy that Maslow Hypothesized: 1) Cognitive Needs – needs for intellectual stimulation, needs to satisfy our curiosity, to find out things. He said they appear in everybody but to a varying degree. 2) Aesthetic Needs – needs for beauty, harmony, organization etc. Exceptions to Hierarchy • When order is reversed, usually only affects the top of the pyramid • Esteem comes before love and belongingness • Long satisfied need may be undervalued (ex. in west physiological and safety needs may have never experiences by most). Since it is devalued, you may be able to get through without it for period of time. When the base of the pyramid disappears all the other needs are forgotten from the top of the pyramid. • Creativity may overwhelm all other drives • Satisfaction of constant lack: Higher drives never appear (ex. grow up in warzone, basic needs never met fully) • Maslow said that individuals in the de-motive hierarchy, which is 95% of us, have a particular way of looking at the world around them, he called this decognition, he said there are two characteristics of decognition: 1) Narrow: focus on those aspects of our environment that are relevant to our current needs 2
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