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October 3rd 2012 Lecture notes.docx

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McMaster University
Richard B Day

rd th October 3 – 5 2012 – Jung and Analytic Psychology  Jung believed in an energy source.  Archetypes: instinctual ways of thinking  Energy is moved around from the psyche; giving energy to one activity, reduces energy available for another activity  Self-actualization – highest human motive.  Freud: saw life as filled with conflicts with the ego and supergo and that we try to minimize conflict as much as possible  Jung: said highest possible goal was to distribute energy evenly among many different archetypes that we possess Model of the psyche: 3 structures Ego  Conscious Collective unconscious: contains archetypes (instincts) o Social Interactions o Hero: Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, baseball players, movie stars o Trickster: comic figure o Mother o Father o Wise old man: Dumbledore  We tend to shape our personal experiences based on archetypes (unconscious)  When we project the archetype it uses up libido and gives us pleasure  Archetypes are ‘cookie cutters’ – not all are the same Personal Unconscious  Present at birth (empty though)  Fills with content as we live our life  Some information is able to come back to consciousness  Disturbing or forgotten content or images that were too weak to reach the level of consciousness  Content is organised into complexes  Complex is filled with ideas, thoughts, feelings relevant to the core archetype The Persona: root word for personality  Archetype: instinct; the desire to please others and our need to fit into social situations  Complex: the side of ourselves that we show to others; the social self; multifaceted  Fairly aware of this complex Anima: possessed only by males  Archetype: inner understanding of what women are; tendency to see every women as the same (stereotype) o Projection of nurturing and sexuality o i.e. Julia Roberts in Pretty Women  Complex: every aspect of ourself which we consider to be feminine o Every man has this o Gets buried into the personal unconscious o A mans guide to his unconscious The Animus: possessed only by females  Archetype: image of maleness; a female`s masculine instincts o Women expect men to be alike, because of the animus archetype  Complex: All aspects of a fe
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