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Jan 7 SocPsych - Ex of Exp: Field Research of “personal Space Arousal.” o Research question: do personal space invasions produce arousal in a men bathroom o Background: what do they mean by arousal in a men’s bathroom, in o IV: Where the confederate stands, confederate stands at urinals, sometimes stands on urinal slot 2, or sometimes on slot 3, when subject is in slot 1.  Randomly assignment o DV: latency to and characteristics of “micturation” recording the starts and stops of urination, duration(latency), and other aspects of ritual. Field observational Studies: even lower internal validity BUT even higher external validity. - Only watching, but people don’t know that you are watching them. (no control, no intervening) o Observe behavior in its natural setting (sitting in coffee shop drinking coffee(cover) while watching people stopping by giving money to hobo  Unconstructive observation  No manipulations  No situational control o No causal statements!!!  May have observed something, but don’t know the reason/cause of behavior based on observation alone Example of Field Study- When prophecy fails (festinger et al.) - “a social and psychological study of a modern group and predicted the destruction of the world” o Study when experimenter joins cult group, and see’s what happens in the group behavior when the end of the world does not happen. (cult leader engages in dissonance reduction (discover of cognitive dissonance) explains to herself that god had mercy on the humans because of their group. Wanted to believe that their was a point to their cause, (cognitive dissonance) o Are field studies actually useful??  Cognitive dissonance theory is born  Brought to the lab and tested under controlled conditions  After finding it in real world will have (generalized) will later bring into lab setting for internal validity. Confounds: What are they? - Anything uncontrolled factor(s) that could
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