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More Pluralistic Ignorance is it really an emergency” “Woman in Distress” experiment (latane and rodin) Method Male subject fills out survey while women fakes’ injury will male help? - IV: Witness makeup o S alone no pluralistic ignorance (baseline) o S + stranger  subject will feel some normative pressure (look calm) o S+ impassive confederate  subject will feel some normative pressure (look calm) o S + friend  will consult friend due to trust (more changes of pluralistic ignorance) release a bit from normative pressure because they know each other and their normal personalities. - DV: % of people who help the woman o (S)Baseline: 70% of people help o (S+S): Helping goes down significantly o (S+C): very unlikely to get help significantly lower than S+S o (S+F): changes of help similar to baseline levels (takes longer for response due to discussion)  Likelihood of pluralistic ignorance with the two strangers. Lower chance of helping in S+C because confederate looks absolutely calm.  ½ chance of help with S+S because either subject or stranger would look towards each other for information both will look somewhat concerned. Diffusion of Responsibility: :Am I the one who has to help?” - Epilepsy Experiment (Latane & Darley) o Method  Cam up with cleverly test with diffusion of responsibility. If people can consult each other in same way, then there will be pluralistic ignorance. Therefore make the emergency obvious, and make them misunderstand each other’s calm.  Brought subject into labs in either alone in various sized groups. Told them that they are doing data gathering exercise. Makes them have a conversation about campus experience. Places them into private sound booths away from the main lab. Given 2 mins of speaking time in the booth. Green light in panel = speak until light turns red. Red light: microphone is off nobody will hear you. They have a conversation in the booths. Confederate is in one of the booths. Confed warns everyone that he has epilepsy, and t
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