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Social Influence 2: Bystander Intervention Model Kitty Genovese - Attacked for duration of 30-35 mins, man attacked her and she starts to scream, screams for help. Other people come out to look around, the attacker leaves because nobody called police and made a response. The attacker comes back and finishes the job. 38 witnesses but they weren’t sure what was happening so did not make a response. In the press new Yorkers were called cruel apathetic creatures. Everyone looked out the window and deduced that nothing bad was happening because nobody else made a response - Why did nobody help? o Cruelty? o Apathy? o Conformity? - Latane and Darley’s (1970) Bystander Intervention Model o Ambiguity  Takes us time to realize what an emergency is. (Might be thinking it’s just children playing, or “are filming making a movie?”)  A lot of emergencies are ambiguous – so we look around at what other people are doing. But what other people are doing are the exact same thing we are doing. (pluralistic Ignorance) o Pluralistic ignorance  because of normative pressures not to stick out ex: this is an emergency but does not want to freak out and be the only one who overreacts (normative pressure) everyone feels the same. (due to normative pressures we remain calm) (due to informational pressures we look around for other peoples reaction) – therefore we fail to react to the emergency situation  Kitty Genovese witnesses – everyone looks calm (normative) – looks at other
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