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Jennifer Ostovich

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Social Psychology Lecture 1/ 2012- Ostovich  Scientific study of how people affect behavior, cognition and how they are influenced by the presence of at least one other person  Very broad range of topics o Conformity- how most humans are sheep o Persuation- we have great various ways to persuade people o Group- behaviour--behave insensibly in groups o Prejudice o Sexuality- human mating and sexuality o Aggression  Social Psych is not common sense o Ex. Do opposites attract? Or Do birds of a feather flock together?  Research Methods The Scientific Method Observation Theory- leads you to hypthesis (predictions)  If your test agrees with your hypothesis -> adds to theory and observations  If tests fails to confirm, modify hypothesis Do scientists "prove" stuf?  We don't have fact, we have theories and findings that provide support Ways of testing hypothesis  Data collection decisions 1. Control ("internal validity") 2. Generalizability ("external validity)  There is a trade-off between the 1 and 2  No experimental research=> control goes Down o Correlational studies (includes survey research) o Field studies (observational) Correlational Studies o Research Question  How are 2 or more variables related? o Methodologies used  Surveys  Ex. Personality correlated with behaviours o Pre-existing Data  Ex. Elevation level and athletic achievement  Ex. Cloud covver and amount of rain What does it look like?  Do they go in one direction or other  +1 means it is on or close to line of best fit (positive)  -1 close to line of best fit (negative)  Zero correlation **Correlations DOES NOT equal Causality Ex. A-->B A B-->A C< Therefore cannot make causal statement B The "Third Variable" Problem  Increasing ice cream sales and violent crime
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