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Jennifer Ostovich

CONFORMITY PART 1 When and why do we conform? Why do you have to be a nonconformist like everybody else? -James Thurber  Conform- doing what other people are doing Ex. Elevator experiment- depending on what direction ppl are standing person follows crowd  A lot of people would rather be anti conformist Why Conform?  In evolutionary past it would have been important to fit in (sometimes a matter of life or death) o The need to fit in is a basic human need  We will do anything we can to avoid looking silly or stupid in front of others o Self-esteem, fear of rejection o Conforming leads to more respect  Therefore we conform o Fairytale Han Christian Anderson "The emperor's new clothes"  *what different type of conformity are shown through this fairytale?** o Binge drinking is fun!  Research suggests that this is a conformity  They think everyone likes binge drinking but later when told no one likes it, they stop binge drinking o No….I don't want dessert  If no one wants dessert at the table you tend to conform and don't get dessert or vice versa o I love acid wash jeans!  When first introduced was viewed as ugly, but once introduced as fashion fad, then viewed as fashionable o I was just following orders  Compliance (obedience)- you conform due to fear  Authority makes us conform Ex. Hitler, Nazis 3 Types of Conformity Being liked Being right  Do what it takes for people to like you  Behave in a manner which is viewed as right To avoid rejection or social punishment Normative pressure Informational pressure Pressure to conform to what is normative The seeking of information/ trying to find the What is the norm? Ex. Latest fashion fads 'correct' response and to do that you need to observe what others do that is viewed as right Conformity in which you act at odds with your Conformity in which you gather information from beliefs or perceptions because of pressure from others and behave like them because you are not others sure of the correct response Your going to act at odds with your own ideas 3.internalization (situation specific)- when you and perception don't know what is right you observe those 2 types of conformity based on this: around you 1. compliance(doesn't necessarily have to be Ex. Dr Who takes you to a planet with top class orders can be direct or in direct) - power to people, but then they all start releasing gas, then reject us, harm us, award us Ex. Experimenter you would feel the need to release gas as well. (authority figure) Internalization comes in part because you know 2.identification- You do what you find or what that even if you do release gas you will not be others find attractive or good wronged by it Ex. Micheal jordan- nike etc people identify with Ex.2 Jay walking- some cities j-walk and some him because he is admired and viewed as a role don't, depending on if the city does or doesn't model you follow what others do in that particular city or place * if your conforming due to punishment then it is norma
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